The worldwide phenomenon that is
LIVE ESCAPE ROOMS has arrived on the Central Coast!

Locked in a themed mystery room, with just 60 minutes to get out – The room is filled with puzzles and clues – can you work them out? Where do you start? Is there a catch? Where is the key?

You will need all of your thinking skills to survive the challenge. Get your heads together and work as a team.

This will be one of the most fun, Brain Teasing Hours, of your life!

Now open at LASERBLAST Laser Tag Entertainment Centre.




Get your brain and pulse racing with the Live Escape Game. 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and get out. Gather your friends, get the family, don’t just sit at home playing Cluedo, come in and do the real thing! This is fun for all the Adults.


Need the fun and drive pumped back into your team? Escape Rooms deliver a creative solution for your team to work together in a fresh environment. Work colleagues will not only discover hidden secrets in the room, they may also discover hidden talents in themselves!


Think you have the mind for solving puzzles and cracking codes? Maybe you’re a pro at online Escape Games? Come and put your skills to the test! Our live Escape Rooms will definitely give you a challenge. Grab a few friends and its Game On!


Studying demands an eye for critical thinking, and that's exactly what you will need here. To escape you will need to examine everything around you. Fine tune your mind in a fun and demanding environment. Give yourself a break from the books and look at the world from a different perspective.



  • 2-8 Players
  • 4+ players recommended for optimum experience

Our first game in ESCAPE ROOMS CENTRAL COAST is ESPIONAGE. It is set in an everyday apartment. However as you may expect there is a twist. Your team have been challenged with retrieving data that has been obtained by the journalist residing there. He believed there was a world-wide conspiracy brewing, but now he’s disappeared. The apartment consists of clean lines and minimalistic design to hide a variety of complexities. In a room containing hidden drawers, locked boxes and other more obscure items you need to try to find where to begin. That could be the biggest puzzle of them all.

You will be pushed to the limit. Code breaking, observational skill and mental dexterity are just some of the areas that will be tested in ESPIONAGE. The bigger challenge will be in your skill as a team. Working together brings results, be organised and communicate constantly. Bounce every idea off someone else, as crazy as some may seem they may be the right answer.

The aim of the game is to beat us and gain your freedom. Locked in a room with just sixty minutes to Escape, it will be the quickest hour of your life. The key you seek is in the safe. Can you recognise the hints and clues given and translate them into success? Does your team possess the skills to gain entry to the safe? Do you have what it takes to free yourself from our Classic Live Escape Room?

Full terms and conditions HERE



2-8 Players

4+ players recommended for optimum experience

The media has been in a frenzy lately, reporting on the latest antics from Australia’s wealthiest prankster, and eccentric philanthropist, John Buckingham. Buckingham has lately taken to dressing, acting, and talking like a pirate. Yaarrrrrr! In a press release, Buckingham claims to have hidden a vast amount of Pirate's Treasure in a custom built Pirate ship that he has permanently docked near his ocean side mansion.

Buckingham recently said, "8 Pirates have lost their way, and to see the light of day; 8 keys are there to find, freeing all from eternal bind." If you wish to retrieve the bounty from within the bowels of his ship, you have exactly one hour to escape. Have you got what it takes? If you take any longer, John says that "You must walk the plank! Yaarrrrrr!".

Residents have been flocking to take a turn at discovering Buckingham's Treasure, but so far, none have succeeded. Today, you and your crew are going to have 60 minutes to search for this elusive treasure.

Good Luck

The aim of the game is to beat us and gain your freedom. Locked in a room with just sixty minutes to Escape, it will be the quickest hour of your life. The key you seek is in the Chest. Can you recognise the hints and clues given and translate them into success? Does your Crew possess the skills to gain your freedom?

KIDS & FAMILY ROOM: NOW OPEN 1/2 Hour Room, 4-8 players @ $25-pp. For more information, or to book your ESCAPE Phone Laserblast 02 4392 5278


2 players

$39-per person

3 players

$37- per person

4+ players

$35- per person

4+ players recommended for optimum experience. **Minimum 2 players, Maximum 8**.

Bookings can be made online. Non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. Online Bookings must be made at least one day in advance. Same day bookings can be made over the phone or in person depending upon availability.Players recommended 15yrs and up. Players under 18yrs must be accompanied by at least one paying adults. Full terms and conditions HERE.

Phone: 02 4392 5278 for more information.



Locked in a room with a few friends, puzzles and locks, keys and secrets, you must solve the puzzles, find the key and ESCAPE – you have 60 minutes, your time starts NOW! Real Escape Game (REG) in Japan was developed by 35-year-old Takao Kato, of the Kyoto publishing company, SCRAP Co., in 2008. Beyond Japan, escape games appeared in Singapore from 2011. Escape games in Singapore expanded quickly with over 50 games by 2015.

A Hungarian franchise that later operated in 20 locations in Europe beyond, was founded in 2011 in Budapest. In 2015, there were over 2,800 escape room venues worldwide.


Upstairs in LASERBLAST Laser Tag Centre, Unit 6, 132 Chelmsford Rd Charmhaven NSW.

Why should the rest of the world have all the fun? The team at LASERBLAST decided they wanted a new challenge and more FUN, so we have built the FIRST ESCAPE ROOM ON THE CENTRAL COAST. The challenge starts with our first room ‘ESPIONAGE’, a room with hidden locks and mind-teasing puzzles. 2017 will see two new rooms added to test and stretch you even more. After that – who knows??? It’s time to BLAST your senses and see if you can be the quickest ESCAPEE!


ESPIONAGE and PIRATE COVE PLUNDER are recommended for 15yrs+.   ALL teams must include at least one paying Adult. 

 Our KIDS & FAMILY ROOM is designed for all ages from 8yrs+ (under 8yrs welcome as part of a family group), ALL teams must include at least one paying Adult. For the kids room if there are 8 paying children the adult can participate for free.  


There is an emergency key in the room so you are never really "locked" in. This is also a basic safety requirement. If you are claustrophobic the door may be left ajar upon request to the Game Master. If you need to come out, we have a relaxing foyer area (and a few spy novels to read) where you can wait for your group to finish, just talk to our Game Master.

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